3 Football Betting Scandals that Rocked the Modern World

Placing a wager, or betting on the outcome of sporting matches and events, is nothing new.  From as far back as Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, where there is a match or race or championship, there will be a wager on the outcome.  And then also the fixing of outcomes, either through influencing the players, the officials or the match points itself.

This kind of match-fixing can be dated back to the 1919 World Series, which marred the purity of all sporting events through match fixing and also point shaving.  The athletes that were found guilty, simply participated, to earn a bit of extra money. The whole event shocked the world but everyone got used to it in time and now it has become somewhat normal for this to happen.


3 Football Betting Scandals:

  1. British Football Scandal in 1915: A football league match, first division, between Liverpool and Manchester United was fixed in favour of Manchester United.  Players of both teams benefitted through bets placed on the result.  Seven players participated in this scandal and were banned for life.  Most bans were lifted later on.
  2. British Betting Scandal in 1964: 10 Professional players that participated in match-fixing were put in jail for this offense.  The match-fixing occurred over the length of several years.  Enticing players to bet on the outcome of matches, and players being paid to lose a game, systematically interfered with the match results.  All the participants in this match-fixing syndicate were given jail sentences.  33 players were prosecuted and when released from jail, were banned for life from any further participation in football.
  3. Football Scandal in Europe in 2009: This caused one of the largest investigations up to date into European football.  It was found that almost 200 matches in European countries, of which 12 were qualifying matches for the European League, and 3 Champions League matches, were all fixed.  Smaller football clubs, fixed matches, in order to make money.

Wherever there is a sports event, there will be a bet or a wager made.  Despite security measures and efforts towards regulating proper conduct at these events, the risk remains of a fixed result.

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