Predicting the outcome of sports matches is not a modern thing.  To determine the ultimate origin of betting on sports is not an easy task.  In its most basic, truest form, sports betting have a history of being around for thousands of years.  Making a wager on the outcome of a match, in many types of sporting events, can be traced back to the ancient Romans.


As in modern times, it is legal to place bets on certain betting platforms, and illegal in many more.  Just as in Roman times, illegality does not stop partakers to place gambling bets on sports events.

Taking its roots from the popular event, Pedestrianism, (early 19th century, England), it soon went together with gambling.  So much so, that an amateur association was founded, trying to stop devious tactics, that would have an influence on the outcome of these events.

Statistical facts about football predictions started to appear in the 1990s; however, a first model for predictions was published in1956.  Mostly, predictions are done through the analysing of match results.  Different types of analysis are used for each type of sports.

Anybody that places a bet on a sporting event hopes to win and make a profit.  In many events, the serious betters can now make use of tipping services.  These services are widely available, as well as online, and give advice and tips and predict winnings on matches.