Is Betting on Football Illegal? Is there a Difference in Legality between Online Betting and other betting platforms?

The answer to the legality of betting on football is not as simple as yes or no.  It can be rather confusing because each and every country has its own regulations and legislation that relates to betting on sports.  And, even with legislation, it is still not clear to all what actually is legal and what is illegal.  This gets even more baffling when you look at online betting.

By becoming legal, the number of people interested in football betting has naturally increased and many punters have made it there main betting goal to beat the bookies at their own game. That means using a strategy that will keep your betting very profitable all year long, basicly making a decent income from the bookies. The fact is that not many succeed in this quest but that is a story for another future article 🙂 .

United States Legislation:

There are two federal acts that apply to sports betting specifically;

  1. “The Interstate Wire Act that” was issued in 1961; made it illegal to receive or place bets, wagers, on a sporting event by using the telephone. This legislation can also be applied to online, internet, wagers.  The first paragraph of this act states that it is for those “engaged in business”, where the keyword will be “business”.  The act does not target persons that do betting for recreational purposes.  It targeted the bookmaker.
  2. “The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act” that was issued in 1992; was introduced to be protection against the influence that gambling could have on sports. The intention was to make betting on sports illegal throughout the whole nation.  Again, it did not target individuals placing wagers.  It did not explicitly state that it was illegal to do so.  It made it illegal for any government to run their own betting operations.  They could also not pass any laws that will legalize betting on sports.

A few states we excluded because they already had existing legislation regarding sports betting.  In Nevada betting on sports is 100% legal.  Delaware, Montana, and Oregon also had existing legislation, but it is limited to certain forms of sports betting.

Where does that leave Online betting in sports?

There has been lots of debate about whether you can apply “wire communication” to online betting.  When the act was issued, online, or Internet betting, did not exist, yet.  Certain Departments insist that it does apply.  But, it only pertains to betting on sports.  Other online gambling does not fall under this act.

There is other legislation that is specifically enforced to stop any type of online gambling, stating that it is unlawful.  It did not stop online gambling.

Not any of the legislation applies to individuals placing bets, online, or other, but more to the entities that make it a business.  It is believed that, eventually, almost all betting will take place, online.  Everything is moving towards the Internet and online.  That is where placing a bet can be done safely and where people would want to go to do their sports betting.

A lot of research has been done by the United States towards legalizing sports betting or not, but by the time they might get to that point, the whole scene would have changed again, already.…

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